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Denne sektion tillader dig at se alle indlæg oprettet af dette medlem. Bemærk at du kun kan se indlæg der er oprettet i områder du i øjeblikket har adgang til.

Emner - Taranis

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Generel debat om fiskeskibe / kutter / Midwest Boothbay Lobster boat
« Dato: Juni 29, 2019, 23:50:28 23:50* »
This model has not been produced for perhaps a decade but I was lucky enough to find one and I'm almost finished

Generel debat om slæbebåde / Svitzer Portgarth
« Dato: Juni 29, 2019, 13:16:31 13:16* »
Hello everyone I am new to your forum so I'd like to introduce my work. The is the first model that I have completed and it is derived from a kit sold by Mobile Marine Models.
I have largely ignored their templates and drawings because they are so badly inaccurate. Where I have followed their plan it has been a mistake

Anyway this is my interpretation built from photographs and for information she is now based in Poti Georgia

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