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Denne sektion tillader dig at se alle indlæg oprettet af dette medlem. Bemærk at du kun kan se indlæg der er oprettet i områder du i øjeblikket har adgang til.

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Generel debat om fiskeskibe / kutter / Midwest Boothbay Lobster boat
« Dato: Juni 29, 2019, 23:50:28 23:50* »
This model has not been produced for perhaps a decade but I was lucky enough to find one and I'm almost finished

Yes indeed Carsten  :) Thank you

Generel debat om slæbebåde / Svitzer Portgarth
« Dato: Juni 29, 2019, 13:16:31 13:16* »
Hello everyone I am new to your forum so I'd like to introduce my work. The is the first model that I have completed and it is derived from a kit sold by Mobile Marine Models.
I have largely ignored their templates and drawings because they are so badly inaccurate. Where I have followed their plan it has been a mistake

Anyway this is my interpretation built from photographs and for information she is now based in Poti Georgia

Slo motion video shot by Martin at Mayhem meet Wicksteed Park 

Generel debat om modelskibe / modelbåde / Sv: YouTube tråden
« Dato: Juni 29, 2019, 10:08:51 10:08* »
Hi Carsten

I filmed this landing live at Scarborough last year

Hi Allan  8)  Have you a thread on the go of your build project?

Hi everyone. I have just joined your forum  :)

This is my build so far
Here assembled to go sailing despite a long way from complete

I am using Safari web browser and Bing translator that makes Danish very easy to read for me

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